My Top Two Tips for Having a Natural Childbirth (Not what you might think) + Secret about my first labor

2tips_NCBA common question I get asked about natural birth is related to “tips, tricks, or techniques” to get through it. It’s hard to wrap our minds around getting through so many hours of labor without pain medication. After all, our society is filled with many stories of how “scary and painful” labor and birth is.

I’m sure most women understand that natural birth is a difficult task, but the use of the word “tricks” sometimes makes me wonder if women are hoping for some secret “thing” that will make the experience easy. I don’t want to set the expectation so high that people think there is a magic way to sail easily and effortlessly through the experience.

To have a natural childbirth, it’s important to have realistic expectations about labor and birth. Basically, “There will be pain. You can handle it.” Tweet: Realistic expectations about natural childbirth: There will be pain. You can handle it.

I’m sorry to say there is no easy fix-all or cure-all or make-it-super-easy-all when it comes to getting through natural childbirth.

But I do want to share two tools that helped me get through my natural childbirths. These tools transcend birth location, which means they are needed whether you plan to birth in your home, a birth center, or a hospital. And I think they are the most important tools. Ones that will get you through your natural childbirth, too.

My Top Two Tools for Having a Natural Childbirth

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Five Fun and Educational iPad or iPhone Apps for School-Aged Boys and Girls


We purchased refurbished iPads for my husband’s business and while initially reluctant to let my kids start playing with apps on the iPad (we don’t have iPhones), I have been pleasantly surprised by the apps I found. These fun, educational, and cheap apps were more than enough to keep both kids happy on a summer road trip. And they use them on other occasions, too. (Sometimes mama needs a mental break to read her own book in a waiting room.)

Used sparingly, playing these games is a special treat for my kids!

Fun and Educational Apps for School-Aged Kids

My son is eight years old and here are a few apps that he plays. He started playing some of these when he was around 6 years old, but they could be enjoyed by kids a few years younger.

Math Bingo

mathbingoMy son got to play this game as a treat in his first grade class and it made such an impression on him that he BEGGED me to get it. :) How could I say no to a game where you do math?

Game Play: Math equations pop up on the top of the screen and you have to find the answer in the bingo squares. This is a timed game so speed is always on your mind. Once you get enough squares to make a bingo (up, down, or diagonally) the timer stops. Based on your time, you get …………bingo bugs. This is pretty exciting, apparently.

Pros: Adjustable difficulty levels as well as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division makes this a game that is for any ability and grows as your child’s math skills grow. Such a fun way to practice math skills that they barely know they are learning. It’s so much fun!

Cons: None that I can think of.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend this game for school aged children! (It says it’s for kids ages 6-8.)

Get it: Math Bingo –

Where’s My Water?

WaterOn the recommended app list from his Kindergarten teacher, we tried out the free version of this game and quickly decided to purchase the paid version. Paid is worth it! There is now a second version with new challenges. My 4 year old loves this game as well!

Game Play: Make a path for the water to get to the desired location by clearing away the dirt (sweeping your finger on the screen). It is really life like water physics! You may have to start over if the path you made doesn’t get the water to go in the right direction. Additional components are added with new “rules” to discover. (Steam rises, slime destroys certain things, etc.) Continue reading

Paperback Version of My Natural Birth Book + Giveaway! Ends 11/6


Are you pregnant and wanting a natural birth?

If you’ve never had a natural birth, you may have some common questions, such as:

  • Is it worth it?
  • Is it doable?
  • How do I get through the pain?
  • How do I prevent tearing?
  • I’m scared since I don’t know what to expect. Can you help me?

Yes, I can help you! I’ve had two natural births and if I can do it, you can too!

My new book I Can and I Will is a great resource for first-time moms, or the mom new to natural birth. It is a natural childbirth guide that gives you overviews on the areas you need to prepare, as well as many great details, too. Plus it has advice and tips from over 65 natural birthing moms!

We got your back! You can do this!

Available as an e-book since August, it is now also available in paperback!

Get A Free Copy of My Natural Birth Book I Can and I Will

I really want to help those who want to experience birthing their baby naturally, so I am giving away five (5!) paperback copies of my book!

I’m really interested in getting these copies of my book to women who can use it now to prepare for their upcoming natural birth. 😉 If that sounds like you, please see the details below!

Entry Details

  • Entry starts 10/30/15 at 12:00 AM (CDT) and ends 11/6/15 at 12:00 AM (CDT).
  • You can gain points for the giveaway by doing any or all of the options below in the giveaway box. They are pretty easy! 😉
  • When the contest is over on 11/6, the 5 winners will be chosen and I will mail them each a copy.
  • Available to those living in the United States only.

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Best wishes for a beautiful birth!

Mama Wendy –

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