We purchased a TinyDiner® Portable Placemat just after our son turned one, when he was eating more solids and we needed a clean, safe place for his food when we were out and about. Some of my friends had one and it seemed like a great option. I had seen these mats before and many of my friends had them, so I thought they were fairly common. It wasn’t until a recent trip back home when almost every sever we had commented on the placemat – they had never seen one before! So I thought I would let you know about them!

I chose this portable placemat over disposable stick-on placemats because I just didn’t want to keep throwing things away. We do try to be environmentally friendly as much as we can. Plus, it wouldn’t take too long before the cost of those disposable ones surpassed the cost of the reusable one.

The mat features suction cups on the bottom which do a great job of adhering the mat to the table. The mat has a big enough surface area to spread out your child’s food (12×18). There is a small scoop (or trough, as we sometimes call it) in front to catch the child’s spills. The mat folds and rolls up nicely into the scoop.

It has become one of our favorite gadgets. With the plethora of baby gear available that retail stores are saying YOU MUST HAVE, I really do think this placemat deserves to be on the list. It is convenient and easy to use. We wipe up the major mess while at the restaurant, and wash the mat completely when we get home.

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