After our son was born I spent a lot of time researching convertible car seats. He was in the infant carrier type initially so I had a few months to choose the next one. It seemed like everywhere I turned, the Britax Marathon was the car seat of choice. Most of my friends got that one and I wanted it too. Its quality and safety were just raved about. But I just had a hard time swallowing its price tag.


So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the Fisher-Price Safe Voyage Deluxe car seat. It was made by Britax for Fisher Price and was basically a clone of the Marathon, with a few small changes – including price. So I got everything I wanted; the top-notch car seat at a more reasonable price!
G rear facing at six months old

G rear facing at six months old

The Good
It has a five-point harness and can hold babies and toddlers from 5 to 55 pounds (rear-facing to 33 pounds and forward-facing to 55 pounds; the Marathon goes to 65 pounds) and 49 inches tall. The car seat is very comfy; my son can fall asleep in it easily, and can sleep in it for hours (6.5 hours was his longest stretch during a night-time road trip recently). The cover comes off easily for cleaning and the straps are super easy to use and never get twisted. It’s been very easy to install in many different cars, both in the rear and forward facing positions. It can be installed using the LATCH system or seatbelts. It is also approved for use on airplanes.


The Less-Than-Good

The only thing I can think of that isn’t the best is that there is only one crotch buckle position. Another bad thing about this car seat is that it is discontinued because Fisher-Price no longer makes car seats, so they might be hard to find.
I bought mine from the website Albee Baby. They had a great price and free shipping and no tax. If you can’t tell already, we love this car seat!

G forward facing 18 months Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe car seat

G forward facing 18 months

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