birthday party favor ideasAh, party favors! I remember what we used to get years ago at parties. I’m not too sure those same items would be so popular at today’s birthday bashes. Now, party favors are not required but if you want to give some party favors at your child’s birthday party, I have collected some great ideas for all ages, all budgets, and all tastes; read on!

Small Book

We love books! And I think books are a wonderful party favor; they are educational and something the child will use. Board books are great for younger children; chapter books are great for older children. If you look around you might be able to find some deals on small books. For example, as I write this article, both Borders and Barnes and Noble have a special on Dr. Seuss board books – buy two get one free. At $5 each, you would spend $10 and get three books. Not too bad. And for a special touch, you could even have the birthday child write a thank you on the inside of the book!

Items from Dollar Store

I ask you to use caution with this idea; please don’t buy a bunch of cheapy plastic toys that will just end up in the trash, and ultimately the landfill. You can find many decent options for party favors at dollar stores or the Target Dollar Spot.

  • Hackey sack
  • Mylar balloons
  • Books
  • Chinese yo-yo
  • Small box of crayons and coloring book

Handmade Gifts

Here are a few great options you can make yourself (or maybe someone can make for you).

  • Homemade play dough is a colorful, easy, and cheap idea! For a fabulous presentation idea of this party favor, and a recipe, check out this post at Under the High Chair.
  • Molded crayons are easier for little hands to hold and fun to use for bigger kids. Check out these instructions for crayon nibbles, hearts, and similar instructions for recycled color crayons.
  • I Spy Bags! When I first saw these I had to have one! The party favor set is a great deal, or you can buy individual ones in many colors.

Etsy is filled with wonderful handmade items, many of which could be good party favors! Check it out!

Edible Favors

Although I really didn’t want to include this category since I am not too keen on getting food as favors, (it’s usually not healthy food), I do know it’s another option. Here are some ideas for edible favors:

  • McDonald’s Gift Certificate
  • Decorated cookies, maybe in the theme of the party or with each child’s name on them
  • Pack of gum that says “thanks for sticking around for my birthday”

Make and Take Favors

If you want to combine the party activity with the party favor, make and takes are great – especially for older kids. In addition to your local craft store, don’t forget Oriental Trading; they have many items you can use for make and take projects (and many ideas).

  • Decorate picture frames
  • Design and decorate t-shirts
  • Paint unfinished wooden toys (check out this cool photo wood block or these maracas!)
  • Paint wooden letters (i.e. first letter of each child’s name) and add decorative accessories
  • Mosaic crafts
  • Homemade soap (using soap blocks and soap making molds from craft store, and maybe putting a small prize inside the soap as they make it!)


Here are a few other ideas:

  • If the party is at a place that uses tokens, put some tokens in a cute bag hand them out as the party favors.
  • Small puzzle (great for younger ages)
  • Stick-on tattoos
  • Stickers

I hope I’ve given you some ideas you can use. Let me know what you choose!

Wendy – Parenting Tips 365

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