With ongoing concerns about the safety of toys and what they are made of, I have seen an increased interest in natural, organic, wooden, eco-friendly, and fair-trade toys. Are you wondering about the safety of certain toys? Or are you wanting to find new sources of safe toys? I can help you out with both of those goals.

Helpful Websites for Determining Safety

I came across this blog post at Family Health & Safety that compiles a list of companies promising non-toxic (lead and phthalate free) toys, as well as a list of non-toxic toys. I think it’s a great list to help you this holiday shopping season.

You can also visit Healthy Toys to check out the chemical content of certain toys. They also have a list of the best and worst toys.

We Love This

Our kids have played and played with this dishes set from Green Toys.

Finding Safer Toys

You can do a search online and find many retailers. Search for what you are interested in, such as organic toys, non-toxic toys, green toys, eco-friendly toys, etc. Here are some brands you must check out:

  • Green Toys Inc. makes toys from 100% recycled milk jugs, they contain no BPA or phthalates, and they are made in the USA!
  • Oompa is a great site for finding non-character branded toys made in Europe and in the USA. They have a fabulous selection of wooden toys, furniture, games, art supplies, dolls, and much more.
  • Planet Happy Toys offers all natural, organic, fairly traded, green, responsible (labor), and multi-use toys.
  • Down to Earth Toys offers wooden and natural toys and 90% of their toys are made in the USA. They also have toys made in Europe and well as fair trade toys.
  • Willow Tree Toys sells European Waldorf toys and natural organic toys.
  • Fine Wooden Toys offers many top quality wooden toys, including Waldorf toys.
  • Palumba specializes in organic, green-built, handmade children’s items created from all natural materials.
  • Still Made in the USA has a list of toy companies whose products are made in the USA.
  • North Star Toys is a family business that makes quality, non-toxic wooden toys at affordable prices.
  • Rosie Hippo offers unique, natural, organic, and handcrafted toys.
  • Natural Pod offers natural toys that support creative and imaginative play.

Some Great Ideas

Here are a few neat gift ideas I found as I was browsing various sites:

  • Tree Blocks: Check out this set of stacking tree blocks from Greenfeet.com. The blocks made in 2cm increments (2, 4, 6, 8, and 10cm) from trees that have fallen from natural causes.
  • Organic Cotton Pixie Dolls: These cute dolls from Ecotoytown.com are made from organic cotton and are colored using non-toxic water based dyes. The Marsh Pixie, wearing a green outfit, teaches about the Florida Everglades; the Tree Pixie, wearing red, teaches about the Amazon Rainforest; and the Ice Pixie, wearing blue and brown, teaches about the North Pole.
  • Organic Teething Doll: I love these organic teething dolls from Planet Happy Toys; they are made from organic cotton, natural dyes, and are fairly traded.
  • Wooden Rattle Teether: This rattle/teether from Down to Earth Toys looks like a great idea! No stains are used and they are not made from living trees. Also check out these maple teething rings.
  • Yoyo Dolls: I am partial to these dolls as they are exactly like ones my mom made for me as a child.
  • Wooden Play Camera: Kids love to imitate what their parents do, and I’m sure many parents are taking pictures! I want this camera from North Star Toys for my son!
  • Crayon Rocks: These crayon rocks are made in America from natural soy wax, using American-grown soy beans. Because of their size, they are a choking hazard and should only be used by children over 4.
  • Felt Play Food: Lilly Bean Market has a super cute alternative to plastic play food and it’s made of felt! Check out all their great pieces. If you are the crafty type, they also sell kits so you can make your own.

I hope this information shows you the many safer options for toys available and has given you a few ideas!


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