When I was pregnant I did some research about what to use for baby wipes. Are you wondering why I didn’t just buy some “regular” baby wipes at the store? If you can’t tell already by some of my posts, we are very aware of all the chemicals in many mainstream products and avoid them. So it was pretty much a given that we wouldn’t be using regular baby wipes. But what would we use?

In my searching I came across several great ideas for better alternatives to regular baby wipes. Here is what I found:

Homemade Wipes Recipe

I came across this recipe (and slight variations) for making home made baby wipes from several different sources, so I figured it was popular and worth mentioning.

  • 1 Tbsp baby oil
  • 2 Tbsp baby bath
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 roll quilted paper towels (Bounty and Viva are favorites)

Cut towels in half and twist out cardboard core. Place paper towels in 10 cup Rubbermaid container. Mix together baby bath and baby oil. Stir in water. Pour over paper towels. Pull wipes up through the center of the roll and tear at perforations.

The variations to the basic recipe are to add 6-8 drops lavender oil to preserve the wipes and 1-2 drops tea tree oil as an anti-fungal. You can also use an empty plastic Folgers for the wipes.


Another option is to just use washcloths to wipe your baby’s bum. Many people like to use Gerber washcloths because they are very cheap and thin. You can also just use squares of flannel, old towels, or anything cotton that absorbs water. You can use them with the recipe above or just use plain water, either in a spray bottle or a pump-top thermos filled with warm water.

You just toss them into the wash and use them again! I would recommend washing them separate from other washcloths, so you don’t get them mixed up – but that’s just me!

Dry Wipes

We ended up just buying dry wipes and using a spray bottle to wet them with plain water right before we used them. I am happy to say G did not have a diaper rash until he was 18 months old (and then it was due to something else, not related to the wipes). I use Curity cleaners and buy them in bulk from DHP Home Delivery. They look like a regular baby wipe but they are dry; I spray them with water right before using them. Sure, it’s a bit of a pain to have to wet them before each use, but I am so happy with our little system. Gosh, to think that plain water will clean a baby’s bum just fine! ­čśë

Wendy – Parenting Tips 365

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