I had that realization the other night about 11:45pm. Just after I had finally dozed off, I was summoned to my 21 month old son’s room by his intense cries; he’s sick with a bad cold and cough and probably wanted some comfort. Sure enough, when he saw me he held out his hand and simultaneously showed me the sign for “nurse” while saying “nur”. So I scooped him up and sat in the chair and nursed him. After only a minute he let go as his nose was so stuffy he couldn’t breathe while nursing. Normally he knows that when he’s done nursing he goes back into his crib, and he’s fine with that. But this time when he let go, he squeezed me around my waist and looked up at me with a brief look that said, “please don’t go yet”.

Right then, the feeling just overcame me. I felt like the most powerful woman in the world, in my world, in my son’s world. Even though I knew he’d be fine and eventually fall asleep on his own, I chose to stay and rock him and cuddle him and snuggle him, just to provide him comfort. I actually enjoyed it; and that empowered me. To really understand what this meant to me you have to know a little more. I have spent the past 21 months in a very sleep deprived state due to a child that does not sleep through the night. I have never enjoyed nursing him to sleep or rocking him to sleep because I was always SO DARN TIRED. And so wanting a full night’s sleep. And so frustrated by it all. And now by choosing to stay awake a few more minutes in order to bring him comfort, I felt so powerful. I was able to provide comfort to a child, to my child, to my sick child. No one else could do that at that moment but me. I had never really thought about it like that before.

So while you may be thinking that politicians, celebrities, and other rich and famous women are the most powerful women in the world, I would have to remind you – all of you – that indeed YOU are the most powerful woman in YOUR world. Every day you make decisions that affect you and those around you. You can choose to bring comfort to others or you can choose another path. You can choose to eat food that gives life or you can choose to eat food that brings sickness. You choose how you react to life and its challenges. You choose your life’s path by your thoughts, actions, and deeds. Think about yourself – and your life – in this way. When we realize how powerful we are, what a difference that can make!

Me reading to my son

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