I have recently written some posts to promote awareness of the dangers of mammograms and the benefits of breast thermography, and now I’m writing another post to alert you to some little-known information about breast cancer.

Cancer is a word that sends fear into the hearts of most everyone and breast cancer is a special concern for women. We as a society don’t think there is anything we can to to prevent this disease; it just happens. We think that if someone does get breast cancer the best and only way to treat it is with harsh drugs. We think that we are helping in the “fight against breast cancer” by buying pink merchandise or donating to certain organizations. Well let me tell you something shocking; we as a society are not being told the truth about breast cancer, and that can never be good.

The author of naturalnews.com wrote a special report about the breast cancer deception going on in this country and I found it filled with excellent information and I want to share it with you. I feel this is information that everyone needs to know. As I’ve said before, we need to be an advocate for our health. And knowing how to advocate for yourself means having all the information.

In this special report you will learn:

  • The top 18 causes of breast cancer that you can control or change
  • How breast cancer provides billions in profits for drug companies
  • Why the breast cancer industry isn’t looking for a real cure
  • Which simple nutrient prevents 77% of ALL cancers
  • The latest research on natural breast cancer prevention therapies that really work
  • Names and web addresses of my top recommended anti-cancer herbs and supplements
  • Why “pink products” are often just a marketing sham
  • How certain cancer non-profits are actually front groups for Big Pharma
  • The top 22 ways to prevent or even cure breast cancer
  • Why running in circles to raise money for a “cancer cure” is a complete waste of time

And much, much more! The report is long but I urge you to take the time to read all of it; the information just might change your life.

I am a huge advocate of eating healthy with organic, real foods; food is medicine! I absolutely believe that there is more we can all do to reduce the breast cancer rates – and I believe it starts with a overall healthy lifestyle.

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