Last summer our son (about 15 months old at the time) started pulling off his bibs at mealtime. It was easy for him to do and we couldn’t get him to wear them. We went for a little while without using a bib, but his clothes got so dirty and I got tired of spending extra time getting stains out. Then I had an idea.

I went to my local children’s resale shop, Kid to Kid, and looked for some shirts for him to use as bibs. I lucked out and found the clearance rack which was full of shirts. I wanted a button down shirt for easy on and off and preferred a shirt slightly big on him, so it would fit over his clothes easier. There weren’t a lot of shirts that fit all those criteria but I did find a few. The great part of this was that they were $1 each! And I laughed as that is so much cheaper than the regular bibs I had for him! Even if you didn’t find shirts on the clearance rack, the regular price for shirts there is about $4 – not too bad.

He does still balk sometimes when we want to put his “bib” on but if we talk to him for a few seconds he will let us put it on, and he can’t take it off. He doesn’t even try.

When the shirt gets a bit dirty, I throw it in the wash. This can be anywhere from a few days to a few meals, depending on what we have. We are pretty happy with this option.


our son wearing his button-down shirt for a bib

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