luke-in-heavenExplaining heaven to a child can be a very hard thing to do but I recently found a book that talks about what children do in heaven.

What Does Luke Do in Heaven All Day? was written by my friend’s mom Beth Weldon as a way to deal with her grief after losing her grandson (my friend’s son) when he was an infant. In the book, written from the author’s perspective, a grandmother is talking with her granddaughter and trying to answer the questions about what her brother Luke does in heaven all day. The little girl sits on her grandma’s lap while they discuss all the things Luke might be doing in heaven: going fishing with the grandpas, playing with puppies, or riding a bike.

After reading the book we are comforted by the knowledge that children in heaven spend their days surrounded by the love of family already there, joyfully playing with pets, basking in the warm splendid sunshine, and looking down over us each day.

The book is written in a soft rhyming format that is both easy to read and pleasing to the ears. The illustrations, by Leslie Batt-Lutz, are beautiful, soft watercolor drawings that compliment the words and bring them to life.

This book is wonderful for both children and adults. In addition to talking about what children do in heaven, the book is also meant to bring comfort to those dealing with the loss of a child. I found it a truly precious book and would definitely recommend it to those in need.

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