Many people are aware (to some degree) of the dangerous chemicals, such as chlorine, in our tap water and have chosen to drink filtered water instead. But there is another way that chlorine and other chemicals can get into our bodies – through bathing. Many people don’t realize that the shower is a huge source of chlorine exposure. Because our skin is porous, whatever we put on it is absorbed right into our bloodstream; there is no filtering and therefore no protection against toxins. Since the hot water opens our pores, we both absorb and inhale the chemicals.

How to Remove Chemicals from Water

Now that you want to keep these harmful chemicals from being absorbed into your baby’s or child’s body, how do you do it? There are a few ways to filter your water for bathtime:

  • I came across this baby shower filter that attaches to a kitchen faucet or shower arm. You can use this on the kitchen sink for bathing infants or connect it to the shower arm for  toddlers and young children.
  • Shower filter: There are several inexpensive filtered shower heads that remove impurities in water.

We use two of the Sprite High-Output shower filters; one in our master bathroom and one in a secondary bath. To fill the tub for our son’s bath, we run the water through the shower head (since it’s filtered). Filter replacement only needs to be done once a year and costs around $15-$20.

If you want more information about the dangers of chemicals in our water, here are a few resources:

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