I have written an article about the importance of organic cotton, especially for children’s clothes. It’s so easy to read the information about organic cotton (and information about regular cotton) and say “yes, I should buy clothes made from organic cotton”. But then when we see the price of these clothes, we might have sticker shock. Yes, clothes made with organic cotton do tend to be more expensive than those made with non-organic cotton.

But I just came across a company that has some wonderful basic kids’ clothes made with organic cotton – and they are a bit cheaper in price than other organic cotton clothes I have seen. For example, their organic cotton pants are $13.50 each or two for $24, and they are available in sizes 3/6 months through 5T. I was pretty excited about that and wanted to share it with you.

Basic Brilliance has the following items made with organic cotton:

  • Baby and toddler pants
  • Long sleeve onesie
  • Short sleeve onesie
  • Long sleeve tee shirt
  • Short sleeve tee shirt
  • Knot hat

I love that they are basic pieces of clothing in solid colors that can be mixed and matched. Since they are cotton, they are super comfy for kids to play in.

Have you found any other sources of less expensive children’s clothing made with organic cotton? If so, please share it with us in the comments section!

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