We live about 1,100 miles away from our families and so we only get to see them a few times a year. We usually venture their way once or twice a year and they usually visit us once a year. Those few visits don’t provide a lot of time for our two year old son to really get to know them. When he first sees them, he spends a little bit of time being shy and trying to figure out who everyone is.

I decided to make a small photo album with everyone’s pictures in it; something that our son could look at to help keep their names and faces fresh in his mind. When we were back home for Christmas I took pictures of everyone. I printed them out, mounted them on decorative scrapbook paper, and put them in a pretty brown Creative Memories album I had.


brown Creative memories album


Idea of what the album looks like inside (two of my sisters)


my sister’s two cats made the album as well

I keep the album in the living room and a few times a week I bring it to him and we go over the names and faces. I started right after Christmas so everyone’s names and faces were still familiar to him. It’s so cute to see him seeing the pictures and saying the names! Here is a video clip of our son going through his little family photo album:

We knew he recognized our family members’ pictures but weren’t sure if it would mean anything when he saw them in person. Just a few weeks ago my husband’s parents came for a visit. When they walked in the door our son greeted them with an excited “Grandma” and “Grandpa” and was immediately wanting to play with them, show them his cars, and just happy to see them! I think his instant recognition and immediate warmup to them was due to that little photo album!

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