When I moved to Texas almost 11 years ago, I didn’t know too much about Texas traditions. Over the next few years, I noticed that some friends took pictures of their kids sitting in a field of bluebonnets. Texas bluebonnets are wildflowers that pop up everywhere in the spring; usually in the first part of April; they are the state flower.

The local tradition of taking pictures in bluebonnets really came into my life after the birth of our son in 2007. I didn’t take his picture in the bluebonnets his first spring (when he was 2-3 weeks old); I was too overwhelmed with parenthood! But last year I found a great location filled with many lush bluebonnets in a safe area. I met a friend and her daughter there and we took our first pictures in the bluebonnets. I must say, I was pretty excited to participate in this important Texas tradition. Photography is a hobby of mine and I jump at the chance to take more pictures of my son; throw in some vibrantly beautiful colors and I swoon at the chance to not only take a picture, but to create art. (Ok, that might be stretching it a bit but I do get excited!) Here are some pictures from last year:





We lucked out with an overcast sky which makes for easier picture taking and beautiful photos!

Even though bluebonnets can be seen in small patches along highways, it’s best not to take them there – it’s too dangerous. The key to finding a great (safe) location is to ask around! I am a member of a local moms message board and bluebonnet pictures are a BIG DEAL to many members. People are always sharing locations around the area and the pictures they took. We all want to find a nice, lush field.

Bluebonnet pictures are so popular that many area photographers have “bluebonnet sessions” which include approximately 20-30 minutes of shooting time and (most often) a CD with the digital images; some photographers do only offer prints for sale. I love looking at photographers’ bluebonnet work as I get to see many creative, artistic, and unique ways to take bluebonnet pictures.

To create a beautiful picture, I learned about color schemes of the child’s clothing. A popular choice is a white shirt with either denim or khaki pants. For girls, white eyelet dresses are beautiful! Last year I saw some beautiful pictures with the kids wearing red shirts with denim pants so that’s what I decided to dress my son in this year. Again, we met up with my same friend and her daughter (our kids are best friends). Here are a few pictures from our 2009 bluebonnet session:





It was a bit trickier to take these photos this year for a few reasons; the sun was shining brightly and our toddlers didn’t want to pose. Thankfully I was able to do my best with a little bit of photography knowledge and bribery (with cranberries).

I love looking back at these two years of photos; what a great way to see your child grow through the years! I love the beautiful colors! I love trying to capture a great image!

What are your local traditions? What traditions do you have with your kids that are unique to your area? Leave a comment and share; I’d love to learn about other local traditions. And they don’t have to include flowers or pictures, but they sure can!

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