No parent wants to think of their child getting lost or separated from them, but a child is lost every 40 seconds. It can happen quickly when you are shopping or at an area with large crowds like Disney World, the zoo, or field trips. Do you know what you would do if your child became separated from you in those places? Does your child know his or her information? Do they know your cell number?

I came across a great personal identification product called Who’s Shoes ID.  (Grammatically speaking, it should be “Whose Shoes”. Unless they are trying to incorporate the owl. But I digress.) Who’s Shoes ID are tags that attach to your child’s shoe (by velcro through the shoelaces) and contain space to write important information to help in finding a lost child.

These personal identification tags are also great for:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Missing or abducted children
  • Elderly, Alzheimers sufferers, or others with special needs
  • Joggers

They are also great for:

  • School
  • Daycare
  • Family trips
  • Grandparents
  • Everyday

Think about this fact from their website: 98% of children never carry personal identification while the majority of pets do. That statement really got to me; I want my child to have the same protection many pets do.

I encourage you to read all the great information on their website, including the following:

I recently ordered some and here is a picture of one of them on my son’s shoe:


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