veggiesI believe most parents want to feed their children healthy food, but I also believe many parents fall short of this goal. There are many reasons for that, of course, but one reason is lack of knowledge about what healthy food really is. I bet if you ask most people, they will all say they eat healthy – but I am betting there are lots of unhealthy items consumed under the pretense of health. And one way people are misled about healthy food is the goverment’s food pyramid. Despite its revamp in recent years, the food guide is still influenced (and corrupted) by various food industries (dairy, beef, junk foods, etc.) Dr. Mercola has a few thoughts about this.

Over the past few years, we’ve done lots of learning about real health and wellness and have changed our diet accordingly. The important thing to note is that we made gradual changes over the years. The information you are about to see in these healthy food guides may seem drastic and require a complete food overhaul and way of life change for you and your family. But it’s important to not get frustrated and to try to change one thing at a time until you are truly eating healthy.

I’ve come across several guides and guidelines for healthy eating from my favorite sources on natural health and wellness. I would say that all of these are better than the USDA’s food guide pyramid, although there are probably a few items in each list that I might change. I’m not an expert, mind you. I just like to do research and know more about the food I eat – since I know that the food I eat is one of the most important things to my health and wellness.

Honest Food Guide

The Honest Food Guide provides the truth about which foods to consume and which foods to avoid and includes information like:

* Which common food ingredients promote diabetes
* Which foods promote mental disorders and depression
* How to avoid hydrogenated oils
* Which grocery products and foods promote outstanding health
* Why high-sodium snacks are harmful to your health
* Where to find healthy protein
* Mineral-rich supplements to add to your diet
* How MSG interferes with body function and appetite control
* What foods to add to your diet for a strong immune system
* Why breakfast cereals are often health saboteurs
* How to ensure you’re getting enough healthy oils
* Why sunlight is vital for good health
* Key nutrients for good health
* How to select vegetables with a variety of nutrients
* Healing superfoods
* How to achieve clear, smooth skin
* Which carbs to eat and which to avoid

You can download a free copy (PDF) from the website

Dr. Weil’s Food Pyramid

Dr. Andrew Weil is the founder of the Foundation for Integrative Medicine in Tuscon Arizona and has authored many books about health and wellness. He created an anti-inflammatory food pyramid to help people select food for optimum health. From his website:

Following an anti-inflammatory diet can help counteract the chronic inflammation that is a root cause of many serious diseases, including those that become more frequent as people age.

Weston A. Price Dietary Guidelines

The Weston A. Price website provides a list of dietary guidelines that starts with “Eat whole, natural foods” and ends with “Practice forgiveness” – with a lot of other great information in between. They also have a list of Dietary Dangers that’s important to read as well.

If you want more interesting information, they also have an article on Characteristics of Traditional Diets and What’s Wrong with “Politically Correct” Nutrition? and an entire section on Children’s Health.

Dr. Mercola and Nutritional Typing

Dr. Mercola recommends the Metabolic Typing Diet, by one of the pioneers of metabolic typing, William Wolcott. Nutritional Typing is eating right for YOUR unique nutritional type and that everyone’s needs are different. From his website:

Remember that you should feel terrific one hour after you eat. If you are still having food cravings or your energy level is lower, these are giant clues that you are likely not eating appropriately for your Nutritional Type™.

I hope these healthy food guidelines have provided some information to you about truly healthy foods. Remember to make your changes slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed. Let me know what you think!

Wendy – Parenting Tips 365

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