SIGG makes aluminum bottles, which are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles. In the past they’ve said their liners do not leach BPA but would not reveal the actual ingredients in the liner. But just recently they’ve admitted that the liners (made before August 2008) do infact contain BPA. Here is a link to their letter.

Z Recommends was one of the first blogs to break this story. Since then, the internet is ablaze with accounts of frustrated consumers who feel they were duped. I am one of them. I even wrote a post about safer sippy cups for kids, back when I thought SIGG was OK. I’m glad I only have one bottle. I will be bringing it back to my local Whole Foods, where I purchased it. I have heard they are offering store credit and I will probably get a Klean Kanteen.

SIGG now makes their bottles with a new liner. How do you know if you have the older or newer one? Here is a picture SIGG released to illustrate the difference.


What do you think about this?

-Wendy –

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