I came across this very interesting chart recently showing the disparity between federal food subsidies and federal nutrition recommendations. The information was originally published in 2007 by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) in Good Medicine Magazine.


Does it concern anyone else that the government chooses to subsidize foods we’re supposed to eat less of? Imagine if the government actually did ‘put their money where their mouth is’ and supported the food industries that they say we should be eating. Would more people actually choose fresh fruits and vegetables and real, whole foods to eat instead of processed and fast food? Many people cite cost as a reason they don’t eat more fruits and vegetables, especially organic.

The Economix Blog @ The New York Times shows the following chart that shows how the prices of different food groups have changed relative to their pricing 30 years ago:


You can see that fresh fruits and vegetables cost more than sodas, beer, and cookies.

Another interesting chart from the Economix Blog @ The New York Times appears to show a relationship between the time the average person in a given country spends eating and that country’s obesity rate (as measured by the percentage of the national population with a body mass index higher than 30).


While that may or may not be entirely true, I think it has a lot of credit and is something to think about. I know many people who only think of food as a way to get rid of hunger and do not want to spend time making food or eating it, thus the prevalence of our fast food society. And we know how nutritious fast food … isn’t.

Watch this site for more information in the coming weeks and months as I share tips for making healthier meals at home, even for busy families. Fast food does not have to be an option at all.

Wendy – ParentingTips365.com

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