As I’ve written previously, there are many ways to diaper your baby and young toddler. Our favorite type has been Seventh Generation  disposable diapers. While they are still disposables (which are not easy on the environment) they are chlorine-free, fragrance-free, and latex-free. Mainstream disposables (such as Luvs, Huggies, Papmers, etc.) contain many chemicals that can irritate baby’s skin and are absorbed into baby’s body.

What About Cost?

I would guess that most parents who choose disposable diapers choose a brand mainly for cost and therefore choose a mainstream disposable brand. Whether parents aren’t sold on the merits of a natural disposable diaper or the presumed higher cost keeps them away, Seventh Generation diapers are probably not found in the majority of households with babies.

But if cost has kept you away in the past, I have found a way to save big money on Seventh Generation Diapers and wanted to share it with you.

How To Get Discount on Seventh Generation Diapers

The popularity of Seventh Generation diapers is increasing; I have seen them available in more and more locations, from Target stores to those small natural sections of grocery stores. But if that is where you buy your Seventh Generation diapers, you are paying too much! I have seen packages range in price from $12/pack up to $17/pack, depending on the store.

Here’s how to get them cheaper:

  1. Buy them by the case (four packs) on Just by doing that the price drops to $10/pack ($39.99/case).
  2. Sign up for’s Subscribe and Save. By having a case automatically ordered every so often (you choose the frequency) you save 15%, bringing the price down to $8.50/pack ($33.99/case).
  3. Sign up for Amazon Mom. With this free membership you save another 15%, bringing the price down to $7/pack ($27.99/case).

Bonus: There is free shipping for Subscribe and Save!

Let’s do the math:

We just went from $12/pack to $7/pack, for a savings of 42%! (If you currently pay $17/pack, you can save 59%!) Don’t you just love! 🙂

I grabbed some quick numbers from to compare size 4 diapers:

  • Luvs case of 96 diapers for $16.99=$0.18/diaper
  • Seventh Generation case of 120 diapers for $27.99=$0.23/diaper
  • Pampers pack of 27 diapers for $8.99=$0.33/diaper
  • Huggies case of 108 diapers for $36.99=$0.34/diaper

As you can see, this discounted rate is even better than most mainstream diapers!

My Thoughts

I have been getting our diapers at this discounted rate for quite awhile now and it’s been great! Now that my son is potty trained during the day we don’t need as many diapers, so I changed the frequency of delivery. Even if the frequency isn’t exactly right, you can order more anytime and update the next shipment. It’s so easy! And I usually get my diapers in a few days.

How To Purchase

Simply click on Seventh Generation Diapers to take you to the product page. Seventh Generation Diapers are also listed in my store in the ‘Diapering’ category.

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