My son’s 4th birthday is nearing and I am deciding what to do for his party. I got to thinking about his “cars and trucks” themed party we had last year and thought I would share what we did in case anyone else wants ideas for their child’s party.

Like I said, the theme was “cars and trucks”. I didn’t go over-the-top with it, but I did include a few elements.


I needed some ideas for birthday invitation wording and looking online I found a couple cute verses that would work for a cars and trucks party:

Honk, Honk! Beep, Beep! Turning three is such a treat!


Vroom, Vroom! Crash, Crash! Join us for a birthday bash!

Of course I couldn’t pick just one, so I put one verse on half the invites and the other verse on the other half. I made the invitations by typing out the invitation wording on the computer and printing them out in a certain size, several to a page. I also used my pretty card making and scrapbooking papers to mount the invite – no two invitations were exactly the same! I just used whatever combination of paper I had that looked nice. You could even use stickers or find icons online to print right on the paper.


The main activity was just playing with my son’s toys and I made sure to put out all his cars and trucks. I also put a few cars and trucks books out on the coffee table.

I also had a craft activity for the kids to do. I found plain wooden cars at the Target dollar spot and then bought lots of decorations, like stickers and googly eyes. Using the stickers, crayons, markers, and their imagination, the kids enjoyed making their own cars to take home!

my son’s finished car!


We kept decorations simple; just a few balloons on tables as centerpieces. It was my husband’s idea to anchor the balloons on the tables with my son’s cars and trucks.

I like to decorate with pictures, so every year at his party I create a collage of photos from birth until present. I displayed them on a French memo board near our front entrance, where guests could see them as they arrived.


I got the (crazy) idea to make the cake into a car. I searched online for some inspiration/guidance/help and found a few helpful websites. This Betty Crocker one was the one I followed the most since I liked the drawing at the bottom showing how to cut the cake into sections.

I baked three cakes and, after seeing how thin they were, decided to bake two more. Yes that’s five cakes! But I thought I needed that much to a) feed the 32 people we were expecting, and b) make the cakes somewhat resemble a car and a truck. (I ended up have way too much cake, but it was neat to make both a car and a truck!)

My awesome neighbors descended on my house a few hours before the party to help me decorate the cakes. They really did most of the icing and detailing; I did some. One neighbor, home from art college, even painted flames on the car using all natural food coloring, which is what I used for the cakes’ icing. And no, those aren’t Oreos for the wheels; they are Whole Foods’ brand of sandwich creme cookies (which are basically the same thing, but made with better ingredients.)

we even made a license plate

Party Favors

The treat bag (party favors) contained two Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars. I purchased big packs of cars to make it a bit more economical. I put the two cars in a bag and tied it shut with ribbon and a little card that said:

“The best things come in pairs. Thanks for being my friend.”

Cake Ingredients

One of the reasons I choose to make our our birthday cakes is so that I can make sure they are made with only the best ingredients.

Cake ingredients:

cake ingredients

Frosting ingredients:

I love, love, love those natural decorating colors! There is nothing I cringe from more than seeing all those bright colors on typical birthday cakes. I am so happy I have this option! (Read the article I wrote to learn why you should avoid typical food coloring.)

frosting ingredients

I hope I’ve provided you with some ideas to help you plan your child’s cars and trucks party!

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