With the extra weight gain during pregnancy, our bodies go through a lot to support our uneven center of mass. We all hear about wearing “flat shoes” during pregnancy, but no one really wants to do that. Maybe people just haven’t found the right shoe that will work for them. Search no more, I have found it!

I’ve had a hard time in the past trying to find a pair of active wear-type shoes that are easy to put on, comfortable, look nice, and go with everything – until now. Three months ago I found and purchased my first pair of kigo curv shoes (lower case intentional); they are perfect for me! While they seem to be even more perfect for those who REALLY like outdoor adventure such as hiking, canoeing, and running, I am a simple (pregnant) mom who has found these shoes to be essential to my wardrobe.

In a testament to how much I love them, I even have nice “kigo curv” tan lines on my feet, since these are the only shoes I have been wearing since I bought them over 3 months ago! Are you curious about them? Read on!

Flat Shoe – Better Posture

By being as close to barefoot as possible we can maintain the best posture, which is important any time but especially during pregnancy. A flat shoe promotes a more natural body position/alignment, similar to being barefoot. Any amount of heel lift can throw off posture. To illustrate this point, I want to share with you an entertaining video made by Patton Gleason of the Natural Running Store. (And if you don’t think a video about flat shoes and posture can be entertaining, then you’ve never witnessed the skills of Mr. Gleason!)

If you can’t see this video, click here.


Looking at the simple, flat styling of the kigo curv you might wonder about their comfort – especially if you are used to thick shoes with lots of padding. But the moment I put them on I could feel their natural comfort. They have a removable insole that provides enough cushion while maintaining their flat profile. Adding to their comfort is the super flexible and thin (1.5mm) rubber outsole.

The more you wear them the more they seem to mold to your foot, almost like a second skin, creating a shoe that is just for you.


With a Mary-Jane style, the kigo curv is designed especially for women. I think they look great; a bit outdoorsy wilderness and city casual all in one. I have received several compliments on them and am happy to recommend them to others looking for this type of shoe.

They come in six color combinations. Being so practical, I chose the grey with white stitch so that I can wear them with anything – and I do! I wear them with shorts, skirts, crop pants, and jeans.


The kigo curv does run small. On the company website, they even recommend you select a pair that is ½ to 1 full size larger than your normal shoe size. I typically wear a size 7 in every pair of shoes I own, but I did end up purchasing a size 8 in this shoe (they do not make half sizes). Find the right size for your foot and you will be a happy camper!

Easy Use / Easy Care

The kigo curv is easy to put on and take off, thanks to a fixed webbing loop on the heel. The shoe is also water and stain resistant (EPA approved) and the EVA insole is removable and anti-microbial. For as much as I wear them, I really haven’t noticed any extreme dirtiness. Looking at the pictures I’ve shared, you can see what they look like after three months of wear. You could just use a wet cloth to wipe them down.

Non-Slip Grip

Nobody wants a slippery shoe, especially pregnant women! The kigo curv’s rubber outsole has non-slip grooving as well as a protective rubber toe cap. This is especially nice when having to make a quick dart after your toddler or walking on wet surfaces.


To me, the icing on the cake for the kigo curv is knowing that the company is eco-friendly. Their shoes feature post-consumer composition, including water-based adhesives, recycled nylon lining, and non-toxic dyes. They also have CYCLEPET uppers, which means plastic jugs are cleaned, broken down, and woven into strong, soft fabric. How cool is that!

For packaging, there is only minimal tissue and a downsized recycled box; only what is necessary to protect your new shoes.


The kigo curv shoes retail for around $70, which is reasonable considering you may need just this one pair of shoes! If you check out the Natural Running Store (below) they do have periodic discounts.

Where to Purchase

I bought my kigo curvs from the Natural Running Store. They provide fast shipping and great customer service. If you “Like” them on Facebook, you can find out about special discounts that are offered periodically.


Whether you are a true outdoor adventurer loving to hike, climb, and paddle your way through challenges to reach great happiness, or a mommy adventurer tackling those day-to-day challenges that test your skills and also bring great happiness, you can appreciate these shoes. In fact, you will forget about these shoes once they are on. And isn’t that the point? You shouldn’t be worrying about how your shoes will handle your adventures, you should be ENJOYING your adventures to the fullest!

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