A few months ago I started teaching our 4.5 year old son to read! After hearing about the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons from a friend, I purchased it and then did nothing with it for quite awhile; life got busy with the end of my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter. And honestly, I was a bit intimidated to try it. But recently I found a way to actually start using the book with my 4.5 year old son.

He has been showing signs of being ready to read for quite awhile. He knew all his letters and the sounds they make when he was two years old. Back then, he was even able to write some basic letters. It was so cute! But I didn’t know what I could do to help him read, until I was told about this book.

Features of the Book

Here are some of the book features:

  • 100 lessons
  • Uses Distar® orthography, which initiates early instruction
  • Appropriate for preschool children and children in school but who have not learned to read yet
  • Parent script provided, expected student responses mentioned, and ways to correct if necessary
  • Parent’s guide (about 22 pages at the beginning) that explains system and how to correctly follow it, pronunciation guide, and writing chart.
  • Includes story and picture comprehension and writing

Benefits of the Book

Here are some of the benefits of the book, from my perspective as a mom:

  • Little time required: I love that each lesson only takes about 20 minutes. This is very doable for me in my busy life; and great for my son. (We finished some of the early lessons in five minutes.)
  • No thinking of what to say: I love that they actually provide a script of exact wording the parent should use to present the material, and it’s printed in red ink. This takes away any extra work I might need to do.
  • Anyone can do it: I am not a teacher yet it’s been easy for me to sit down and work through these lessons with my son. Logical and structured lessons make it easy.
  • It really works: It’s been amazing to me to see how the lessons progress from such basic beginnings to actually provide results. You can see how far my son came by lesson 33 – and we still have a ways to go!

Here is a video of our son reading the story from lesson 33:

If you can’t see the video, click here.

We are currently on lesson 56 and it’s been such a great experience that I wish we would have started sooner! We do one lesson every day; they recommend not skipping any days. Over the Christmas break we did skip a few days here and there and I could tell it was a bit harder to come back to it.

To provide a little extra motivation on the second half of lessons, I put a few stickers on random lessons. When we get to a lesson that has a sticker, my son gets to pick a new book (that I already purchased). I found some reader books on his current favorite topic: sharks.

I will be providing follow-up videos and updates as we progress. I can say that it’s been so rewarding to see him actually read, and to know that I helped him!

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