My little girl is now 7 months old and still toothless – but not for long. While she has been teething for months, I think we have hit the acute stage and are expecting a tooth to push through any day. That also means she has been extra cranky. I thought back to my previous article on natural remedies for teething pain and decided to make her some breast milk popsicles.

Why make breast milk popsicles?

  1. The frozen breast milk helps soothe the sore gums and ease the pain from teething.
  2. My baby has not started solid foods yet so this provides something cold to chew on without introducing other foods before we’re ready. (See the reasons to delay starting solid food.)

Here is how you do it:

  1. Pump or express breast milk.
  2. Pour breast milk into ice cube tray (preferably BPA free). If the ice cubes are large, only fill 1/3 or 1/2 full with breast milk.
  3. Once frozen, remove one breast milk cube and place into mesh feeder bag.
  4. Give to baby and watch them enjoy it!
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What other natural teething remedies have worked for your baby? Leave a comment and share!
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