There are so many baby items and gadgets for sale in stores that it can be overwhelming. You don’t need everything! Really. But I wanted to share a couple baby gadgets that really helped me out and that you might want to consider using yourself. One of the items is not specifically intended for parenting, but I sure used it a lot. The other item is intended for parenting, but you may not have heard about it. Both items will probably make you laugh, though!

1. Head Lamp

my husband changing our 3 day old daughter’s diaper with aid of illumination from his head lamp

I laughed when I saw my husband use one of his running head lamps while changing our daughter’s diaper during the night. I even snapped a picture! But then I thought that this might be just what I need to use too. And may just be a great idea for all parents at night, especially if there are several people sleeping in the same room.

So starting very early on with our daughter, when I nursed her or changed her diaper at night I used the headlamp. I would turn it on to the setting that had red light, set it on the end table, and point it at the ceiling. That gave a nice red glow to the room and just enough light for me to see what I was doing while nursing a newborn, but not so much light that it disturbed my husband and son, also sleeping in the bed.

Now that my baby is 11 months old, I don’t need the headlamp on while nursing, but if I need to change a diaper I actually wear it on my head and aim the light “south”. It provides enough focused light for me to do my job and not disturb anyone else.

I have to admit that the running head lamp has been my top parenting gadget with baby number two! I think this would be great for any co-sleeping families also. If you want one for yourself, check out head lamps on

2. Nosefrida The Snotsucker (Nasal Aspirator)

The what?!?!

After hearing other moms rave about this funny contraption, I knew I was going to get one for baby number 2. I bought it before my daughter was born so it was ready when we needed it. Even though I was confident that it would work, I still looked it over again and again before I actually used it. But the day came when my baby’s nose was congested and full of drainage and I knew I would have to use it. I got the Snotsucker out and it worked wonderfully!


my daughter and I demonstrating how it works

Despite the long tube the snot that is sucked out stays at the very end – no where near getting close to your own mouth! To use, I sat on the couch with my feet up, to create an incline for baby to face me. I suctioned each side and used a tissue to help wipe drainage away.  The relief was instant for my baby and a quick rinse/wash out cleaned the Snotsucker. Easy!

I have since used it many times and it is really great at providing relief/getting the junk out of her nose. No, the baby doesn’t like it, but hey – what baby likes anything in their nose (like the bulb syringe that many use). I definitely recommend this to any expectant parents. It’s great to put on your baby shower registry! You can even find it on

What funny gadgets have you used in your parenting adventures? They can be baby-specific or just some other gadget that you find useful in parenting. Leave a comment and share!
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