Have you heard about coconut oil but maybe you’re not convinced that you should use it? Or maybe you just don’t know *how* to use it? (Sometimes we get stuck thinking that we have to use *exactly* what the recipe calls for, but we don’t.)

Coconut oil is a fantastic health product and one that I highly recommend. We’ve been using it for years, but the popularity seems to be growing lately. But before you run out and get just any old coconut oil, check out the information I’ve put together.

What You May Already Know About Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil is good for cooking since it has a higher temperature tolerance than olive oil.
  • Coconut oil is a “good fat” and is good for your heart, but you may not know why. It is related to its chemical structure (length of its fatty acid chains). Check out Dr. Mercola’s article for ALL the information you need to know about this aspect of coconut oil.

Don’t Be Alarmed, It’s Supposed to Look Like That!

Coconut oil melts around 76 degrees F; above that it will be clear liquid, below that it will be white solid. Depending on the temperature in your house, you may see the coconut oil in different states during the warmer vs. colder months!

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Check out this partial list of the amazing health benefits of coconut oil*:

And if that wasn’t enough, check out this article on “More than 101 Reasons to Use Coconut as a Home Remedy to Improve Your Health Naturally” as seen on NaturalNews.com (one of my favorite natural health websites).

*It’s best to use the highest quality coconut oil to receive the most benefits. See the list below.

Why Type of Coconut Oil Should I Buy?

Not all coconut oil is the same. Here is a list of what you should look for in your coconut oil:

  • Organic: Coconuts were grown without harmful fertilizers, additives, or chemicals.
  • Virgin/Extra Virgin:  Refers to how many times the oil is expressed. There is no difference between Virgin and Extra Virgin. See the reasons why virgin Coconut Oil is better (Naturalnews.com).
  • Unrefined: Unrefined oil is made from the kernel that is dried immediately after the nut is cracked, so no refining is needed. (Refined coconut oil has been bleached and deodorized to remove toxins  and be acceptable in food, due to using dried copra. Refined oil loses beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.)
  • Cold Pressed: Oil was extracted from coconut using a machine to press it out, instead of using harmful chemicals (like hexane). The “cold” refers to the temperature of the oil as it leaves the expeller. While there is no standard, it is a “lower” heat.
  • No hydrogenation: Some cheaper coconut oils actually use hydrogenation so that it is solid above 76 degrees. As we all (should) know by now, hydrogenation is not good for you.
Where Can You Buy The Good Stuff?
Most natural food stores will carry the higher quality coconut oil. If you don’t live near a natural grocery store, you can find some good coconut oil on Amazon.com. And I was excited to find a bargain for organic coconut oil, at COSTCO!
Organic Coconut OIl
We love Costco for all the great organic items they carry, and at great prices. I was SUPER excited when I saw this last week. A 54oz container of unrefined, cold pressed, organic extra virgin coconut oil for $16!
But What Would I Use Coconut Oil For?

You can use coconut oil in practically any recipe that calls for vegetable oil, shortening, margarine, etc. In fact, I only have two kinds of oil in the house: olive oil and coconut oil, like Dr. Mercola. Specifically, here is how we use coconut oil in our house:

  • mix with spices and drizzle on potatoes to make baked fries
  • spread on squash when baking in oven
  • when making pancakes (in the batter and on the pan)
  • baking (in banana bread, muffins, etc.)
  • drizzle on oatmeal
  • use for the oil when making popcorn
  • in frying pan when browning chicken
  • use on lips or other dry skin

If you still don’t know how you could use it, leave a comment and tell me what you want to make or what the recipe calls for and I will tell you what “I” would use.

Are you excited to try this oil? Leave me a comment and let me know what you now use it for!

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