My son is almost 6 years old and just lost his first tooth today! The Tooth Fairy isn’t something I am overly excited about, nor do I plan to spend much effort on it, but we will pass along the fun tradition. Here are a couple ideas I gathered for how the Tooth Fairy might give him money. Notice that they are easy Tooth Fairy ideas. What has worked for you? Or do you skip the Tooth Fairy tradition altogether?

Cute Tooth Holders

Thanks to Pinterest, there is no shortage of cute tooth holder ideas! I will let you do a search yourself to see all the creativity, but here are a couple of my favorites:

  • I particularly like these wooden tooth boxes. Cute! And they are afforadable at $5 each. (As an added bonus, they are carved from eco-friendly, chemical free, kiln-dried, sustainable rubber wood and colored with water-based inks or dyes.)
  • I also like this idea of dollar bill origami: folding a $1 bill into a basket and then adding a couple coins (and maybe a note) to the basket. (Here is the YouTube video with instructions.)

As for our son’s first lost tooth, well that went into a Ziploc baggie and then under the pillow. Fancy I am not, but practical – yes. (I can just swap out that baggie for a baggie with money in it.)


Do your kids leave notes for the Tooth Fairy? Does the Tooth Fairy leave notes for your kids? I don’t remember any notes being left when I was a kid, so I skipped this step. Easy is in, my friends.

BUT I did happen to find this idea that the record-keeper in me loves. Check out this very cool Tooth Fairy Receipt! I wonder how it was made? And I wonder if I could make something similar in Photoshop Elements? And I wonder if I will all of a sudden have lots of extra time on my hands for this project? I think not.


Yes, the most well-known aspect of the Great Tooth Swap: Money.

Unique Money

I always thought I would want to give some fun, unique money as a Tooth Fairy gift, something like $2 bills, $1 coins, half dollars, etc. But what happens if you aren’t prepared with a stash of these fun monies for the surprise lost tooth? Luckily, I heard of the easiest, most brilliant idea ever.

Handful of Change

Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds. Reach into your purse, pockets, or under the sofa and fill up your hand with change. Sound too boring? I think this is genius! Think about it. No worrying about having a certain amount or type of bills or special coins, especially when a tooth falls out at night. It also adds an element of surprise for the kids, not knowing or expecting a certain amount. And as a bonus, they get to learn about coins and their values (for the younger) and get some math practice adding up the value of all the coins (for the older).

Besides, it’s fun to watch the strange looks that may follow your child saying they received $1.83 from the Tooth Fairy! 🙂


What other Tooth Fairy traditions do you do for your child? Do you skip the Tooth Fairy altogether? Leave a comment and share!

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