We were playing the card game UNO┬áwith friends on Thanksgiving when our son was having trouble holding his cards in his hand. He didn’t want them facing up (or down) on the table – so what to do? That’s when I remembered the egg carton I had saved away months ago in anticipation of this very reason.

We found the cardboard egg carton, used a knife to cut a line down the middle of the bottom of it, and it worked perfectly for holding his cards!

Egg Carton Card Holder for Kids

Egg Carton Card Holder for Kids

Tip: Do not cut all the way through the end (like we accidentally did on one row). It won’t have as tight of a hold on the cards. You will end up taping the end and that won’t work that great either. You will end up throwing out the egg carton and making another one.


And watch your little one enjoy their card-playing independence! ­čÖé

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