Although not the main focus of this website, I thought I would share one of my latest crafty projects. I am sure there are many of you who also might like this handy little idea.

The Dilemma

When my son was in preschool the year he was two, they made these personalized shirts for Christmas. They have a reindeer on the front made with my son’s own hand and footprints. I loved the shirt! Now that he is 7 1/2 he has not only outgrown the shirt, but probably wouldn’t want to wear it even if it did fit!

But I cannot throw away something as precious as this! And donating didn’t seem right. Who would want handprints of someone else’s child?

I wanted to keep the shirt for sentimental reasons. I want to look at it again and again. But just keeping it in a drawer didn’t seem functional.

The Solution

I somehow got the idea of making the shirt into a pillow, one that I could keep and would become a seasonal decoration. Thanks to Pinterest, I found several tutorials that helped me figure it out.

The Result

Here is the before and after shot of the shirt and the pillow:



The Procedure

I decided I wanted cording around the edge and for the back to have an “envelope”, as the overlapping fabric flaps are called. This will allow me to take out the pillow insert (which I bought at a local craft store).

The two tutorials I used the most were this one and this one. (I just bought my own cording, though, I didn’t make it.)

I sewed one layer at a time, though, not all layers at once. You do have to be careful as you sew cording but in general, this pillow was way easier to make than I thought! I’m happy!

How will you use this idea?

Wendy –

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