Our son loves Star Wars and Star Wars Legos, so we created a fun, yet inexpensive Lego Star Wars birthday party for him at our house!

Star Wars Inspired Birthday Party Invitations

I made the invitations myself using Photoshop Elements, and then printed the file as a 5×7 photo. I custom make these in my Etsy shop, so if you are interested in one for yourself, head on over there!


Star Wars Party Games and Activities

Partner Keep It Alive

I made each child a light saber from pool noodles. Use a knife to cut them in half and then use duct tape to make it look like a light saber. Pair kids up and give each pair a balloon. They have to use their light sabers to keep their balloon in the air. Last team with theirs in the air, “wins”. (We didn’t really have prizes or anything, though.)

I think we also did a round of everyone keep their own balloon “alive” as long as they can.


Attack the Death Star Stations

On several balloons, we drew lines to make it look like a Death Star (see the purple balloon above). These few balloons were hung with string from above, either from a vent or a ceiling fan or whatever we had – several places around several rooms, and at varying heights (but all reachable by the kids). They had to run to each station and use their light saber to “destroy” the Death Star.

We were pretty loose with these balloon games. The kids just liked running around, hitting balloons with their pool noodles, I mean light sabers.

Build Own Lego Creation

We used this as the first activity, something that the kids could do while we were waiting for all the guests to arrive. I got lucky and found someone selling bags of used Legos on Craigslist – $10 for a big gallon bag – so I bought several. The kids had fun using their own imagination and random parts to make a new treasure! (I did clean them all before the party but soaking them in a mixture of vinegar and water.)



Star Wars Obstacle Course

Oh yeah, the obstacle course!

With lightsaber in hand, they had to crawl through the Wampa Cave (table with white canopy siding on top), do some random challenges (ball toss, jump over stuff, etc), walk on the volcano planet Mustafar (red $1 table cloth painted with craft paint for the rocks), and then whack the head off Darth Vader (a soccer ball covered in a garbage bag on top of a baseball tee, with a printed mask of Darth Vader).

Just have them run it a few times – it’s good exercise and they loved it! 🙂




Death Star Piñata

I painted a soccer ball pi̱ata to look like the Death Star Рand let them have at it!


  • Soccer ball piñata
  • Grey craft paint in two shades
  • Sticks
  • Hot glue
  • Piñata stick (remove external stuff and paint to look like light saber)
  • Candy to fill piñata


Star Wars Party Food

We kept it simple for food: just some snacks, drinks, and cake. I made the food labels and now I sell them in my Etsy shop.


  • The lightsabers are giant pretzel sticks, dipped in blue candy melts (yes I cringed at the blue food coloring, but let it go for the party)
  • Chips are chips, regular and barbecue 🙂
  • Jar Jar links: I bought the organic little links at Whole foods and made my own puff pastry to bake them in (the regular kind has too many bad ingredients, and Whole Foods’ version is pricey!)
  • Water and lemonade, easy
  • Yoda Soda: half gallon of lime sherbet and lemon-lime soda





Star Wars Cake

The cake was purchased from Costco; it’s the best deal around! For around $19, you get an absolutely delicious cake (layer of custard in the middle) and it serves 48. We had extra, of course, but for that price it’s worth it.

I ordered it plain (not decorated), except for the writing on the bottom. I like to decorate it myself, plus I don’t like the food coloring they use with their own designs.

I made marshmallow fondant and used it to make the Star Wars ships that are on the cake. It seems intimidating, but was actually really easy to make (use coconut oil instead of the shortening, as called for in the recipe). I colored it and then pressed out shapes with Star Wars cookie cutters. (My son insisted on adding some reddish icing “explosions” to make the scene more realistic.)


Star Wars Birthday Party Favors

I love when things used during the party double as favors. Here is what the kids got to take home from the party:

  • Their lightsaber
  • Their Lego creation
  • Jedi Training certificate (I made this myself using Photoshop Elements; photo below)


What other fun Star Wars birthday party ideas do you have?

Wendy –

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