Review of Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis natural birth program

Wondering how to prepare for a natural birth, both physically and mentally?

With so many natural childbirth classes available, it can be hard to figure out which one to take.

I chose the Hypnobabies home-study course as my natural childbirth preparation course when I was pregnant with our first child. I have no personal experience with any other natural childbirth class, but Hypnobabies covers all the bases in preparing you for natural birth: physical, mental, and emotional.

When labor started I was fully prepared; I knew what to do and I wasn’t afraid. And I want that same confidence for you!

Here are four ways Hypnobabies helped me birth naturally with confidence:

1. Hypnobabies’ Childbirth Education Course Increased My Confidence and Determination

I had been researching pregnancy and birth long before we even became pregnant. When I decided to purchase the Hypnobabies home-study course as my natural childbirth preparation class, I was surprised to see that it had so much information that I didn’t know! I was thrilled to learn even more about important topics such as optimal fetal positioning, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, exercise, birth choices, and staying healthy and low risk.

It was so comprehensive and covered everything I needed to know before birth. With increased knowledge, my confidence increased: confidence in myself, in birth, and in my body. And with increased knowledge, my determination to stick with my choice of natural birth also increased. To order or learn more, click here.

Review of Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis natural birth program

2. Hypnobabies Helped My Husband and I Work Together

Hypnobabies provides birth partner information and encourages the birth partner to be involved. We practiced the Hypnobabies scripts together ahead of time which paved the way for deeper understanding for both of us: him for me and my needs, and me for him and his needs. We figured out together how I thought I wanted to be supported during labor.

Since my husband knew what was going on and what was a normal part of the process, it helped him remain calm and focused on supporting me, which in turn helped me remain calm and focused.

His support didn’t feel like “coaching” (which I’m not a fan of in birthing, as it seems to imply he knows more than me); his support felt empowering. I knew I wasn’t alone and I felt loved. He supported me by holding my hand during each contraction and saying, “release the energy” and “peace”. It was exactly what I needed to hear during each and every contraction. To order or learn more, click here.

3. Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations Increased Confidence and Positive Mindset

I’ve always been a big believer in the power of positive affirmations. Early in our first pregnancy my husband and I each created a document called “Our Beliefs”, which was basically a type of positive affirmation list. (I believe our baby is healthy. I believe I will have a good pregnancy.)

Once we bought the Hypnobabies home-study course, I listened to the Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations daily starting at 30 weeks. I listened on my drive home from work (first baby) or on my daily walk (second baby). After listening to the affirmations daily for 10 weeks, the words became part of me. It reinforced the positive thoughts on a deep level, which then became my normal way of thinking. The affirmations played a huge role in growing my confidence, courage, and peace about the upcoming birth. To order or learn more, click here.

What makes these affirmations so great?

Hypnobabies’ Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations consist of the perfect wording, cover a wide range of pregnancy and birth topics, and are spoken with a golden voice! Hypnobabies founder Kerry Tuschhoff voices the affirmations; the beautiful and soothing quality of her voice takes great affirmations to the next level! Some people are blessed with a voice for this type of thing; I’m definitely not one of them and I’m grateful Kerry is!

Review of Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis natural birth program

4. Hypnobabies Helped Me Relax Deeply and Focus

Hypnobabies is more than just a simple relaxation program; it teaches medical hypnosis techniques. I practiced the eyes-open self-hypnosis techniques daily, following along to the CDs. During labor, I was able to move around and talk, all while remaining deeply calm and focused.

Hypnobabies natural birth

Laboring in the shower

Even though I was experiencing pain, I was able to remain calm enough to allow the contractions to happen. I didn’t fight them and wasn’t afraid, so my body could work more efficiently. My midwife later told me that I made labor look easy, even though she knew it wasn’t.

I also think the first three points above really worked together in helping me be so relaxed. To order or learn more, click here.

natural birth Hypnobabies transition

transition, and I am in the zone

Hypnobabies is an Important Tool to Have During Pregnancy and Birth

I was hoping for a pain-free labor and birth, so when my birthing time came and it was painful I thought Hypnobabies didn’t work for me. Upon reflection, I realized that Hypnobabies was hugely instrumental in helping me have a wonderful, empowered, and calm natural birth. And I recommend it to anyone considering a natural birth. (You can read the Hynobabies birth stories of my son and my daughter.)

A pain-free birth may or may not happen. But if you can get yourself to a place where you feel confident, supported, and have tools to enter and remain in a relaxed and focused state, you can have a wonderful natural birth!

To order or learn more, click here.

How did Hypnobabies help you birth naturally?

-Wendy –

PS The book I wrote is also a great tool to help you prepare for your natural birth! In it I share five keys to natural birth plus lots of encouragement, not only from me but from the 65+ natural birthing moms I surveyed. If I can do it, you can do it!

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