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A few days ago I wrote about a natural birth myth and the two things you really need to manage labor pain over at The Humbled Homemaker.

Here’s an excerpt:

Labor pain remains mysterious until it’s experienced, so most women wonder what it will *really* feel like. In the meantime, we hear stories about “excruciating pain” from those who birthed before us, which has led to a modern-­time myth about natural childbirth:

MYTH: You must have a “high pain tolerance” in order to have a natural childbirth.

I consider myself to have a “low pain tolerance,” if there is such a thing.

Fifteen years ago, newly married but before any thought of having kids, I assumed I would choose an epidural when it came time for kids due to my “low pain tolerance.”

A bonked toe or elbow will have me howling in pain and practically curled in a ball on the floor.

During a run, as soon as it gets a little challenging I take a walk break.

Or if I feel a funny pain in my foot or shin.

Or if it’s too hot.

Let’s just say that I prefer to maintain comfort in my day-­to-­day life. I don’t seek out difficult or challenging adventures. I’m not special or talented or athletic. And yet I have had two natural births; one at a birth center, one at home, both with a midwife attending.

How can that be?

Check out what I believe is needed to manage labor pain (something more important than “pain tolerance”) over at The Humbled Homemaker!

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