Welcome to Awakening Willow!

This is a community for those who want to explore healthy food, natural living, and positive parenting in a non-judgmental environment.

I don’t have it all down and don’t expect anyone else to either. Let’s be ourselves here; free to explore what interests us and (respectfully) leave what doesn’t. Free to embrace our AND. (There’s more to me, and I imagine you, too, than “crunchiness”.)

Every little thing that helps us to be more conscious enables us slowly to improve the quality of our lives.

adapted from the Tibetan Art of Living

About Wendy

I wasn’t always “crunchy”.   I used to drink soda and eat pizza regularly and there weren’t too many vegetables in sight at my house. Exercise was a low priority and any thought of future children we may have included an epidural for the birth and only a slight chance of breastfeeding.

I started being aware of different life choices, and how they affected me, about 14 years ago. This set me on a new path, definitely improving the quality of my life.

And here I am today: real-food eatin’,
natural birthin’
, breastfeedin’ mom of two children who inspire me to bring more awareness to my parenting every day.


I enjoy running, sewing, and playing the drums. I don’t enjoy cleaning, shopping, or yard work. :)

About Awakening Willow

To me, awakening means bringing consciousness (or awareness) to choices in life in order to create positive change.

On this site I share my own experiences of awakening in the hope that they can inspire and encourage you on your journey. These are the topics I usually focus on:

Healthy Eating

Real food, without chemicals. Breastfeeding and healthy foods for kids – as much as we can, that is! Here is our son trying his first solid food, avocado, at 8 months old. He wasn’t too sure about it then, but later it became a favorite food.

Green Living

We use household cleaning products and body care products without toxic chemicals. We also do as much as we can do reduce our impact on the Earth’s resources. (I know we can do more.)

Natural Birth

My two natural (drug-free) births were amazing experiences, due in part to the special care that our midwives gave us. This picture is from my 36 week home visit with our midwife, which is part of planning for a home birth.

Peaceful Parenting

I strive to have peaceful interactions with our kids, which requires vigilance to remain aware of my own emotions and reactions. I’m not perfect! This picture is proof I’ve made mistakes: My 40th birthday card from our 8.5 year old son.

Why Awakening Willow?

I don’t pretend to have all the answers; I don’t write from a position of being an expert on anything because I’m not.

I want to share my experiences, and the knowledge I gained from them, in order to inspire and encourage others on their journey.

And I am on my own continuing journey. I’m glad our paths have crossed here. If you’re going my way, I’d love for you to join me.

I’m not a teacher: only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead – ahead of myself as well as you.

George Bernard Shaw

What’s Next?

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