I Choose Healthy Food

Congratulations on taking a big step towards a healthier you! Choosing healthy food is one way to honor your body for the temple it is. And in this crazy world where we can’t control everything, what we eat and how we eat it is within our control.

What is healthy food? What should I be eating?

For some general ideas of what to eat, check out several food guidelines based on health (not corporate profits). Hint: You won’t find the government food pyramid on that list.

To get you started, here are seven healthy foods – and how to get kids to eat them.

Drink lots of clean, pure water at home (and on the go) with some simple, eco-friendly solutions (that don’t include lots of bottled water).

Read about why you should use coconut oil and how you can easily incorporate it into your life.

What Not to Eat

When starting the path to healthy food, it’s important to start the habit of reading the labels on all your food.

It can be hidden in many foods, under many different names. Learn why you should avoid monosodium glutamate (MSG) like the plague.

For those with a sweet tooth, you may want to check out the health dangers of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners as well as the dangers of high fructose corn syrup (and how to remove it from your diet).

They are everywhere, even where you might not suspect, and seem especially appealing to kids. Find out why artificial food colorings do not make health brighter (and some natural alternatives).

After reading these 15 reasons, you will stop drinking soda of any kind.

But we are a busy family. How can we eat healthier?

You may be busy, but healthy food can happen for you! Check out these six tips to help busy families enjoy healthy meals at home.

Here are 14 healthy snacks for kids (and adults too).

Wondering what to do about all those holiday treats? Check out these alternatives to candy in Easter baskets and at Halloween.

This Better Food for Kids cookbook contains great recipes and advice for helping kids eat healthier.

How About Some Easy Recipes?

A great, light meal for the summer is Caribbean chicken pockets, with its unique blend of ingredients.

A healthy take on lasagna, this turkey spinach lasagna has been our only lasagna recipe for 13 years.

This hummus and veggie sandwich is a lunch win for parents and kids.

For those wanting to take a break from meals with meat, here is a great five-bean quinoa salad you might like. It also works great for summertime potlucks.

This risotto with asparagus recipe has worked great for a simple side dish or as a light main dish.

For dessert, try some chia pudding – either chocolate coconut or pumpkin pie.

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