Want a natural birth but worried about the pain?

You aren’t alone. Thanks to the many negative birth stories shared by friends and family and seen on TV, it’s no wonder so many women have concerns about getting through natural birth. I hear it all the time.

Top Questions I Get Asked About Natural Birth


How do I start preparing for a natural birth?


Is natural birth even worth it?


What are your favorite books to read for a natural birth?


How do I prevent tearing? If I tear, how painful is it?


I’m worried that part way through it, I won’t be able to handle it. Do you have any tips and tricks to get me through it?


How doable is natural birth? I really want a natural birth but I’m nervous about going through all the pain without an epidural; I can’t wrap my head around it.


I want to have a natural birth but I’m scared since I don’t know what to expect. Everything is overwhelming! Can you help me?


I Can and I Will answers the most common questions asked about natural birth.



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Is natural birth worth it? Is it doable?

Here are some answers from natural birthing moms

When my baby came out, I couldn’t believe it was over. Just like that. There he was. It was amazing. I was exhausted and overwhelmed because just like that you become a mom, learn to nurse. I was…very tired and sore. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.


Pain during labor is temporary. It can be managed with breathing techniques and great coaching.


It really was an intense experience, but the most wonderful thing I have ever been a part of.


I felt empowered and calm, like I had just accomplished something amazing.



In I Can and I Will, you will find more inspiration from natural birthing moms to help you accomplish something amazing, too.


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It's Not About The Pain

Often misunderstood, women who have experienced a natural birth know there’s more to it. The pain is part of the process but the rewards are greater. And now you are here, wanting a natural birth and wondering exactly how you can do it. Because you know labor itself will be hard. True. But do you know what might make natural birth more challenging?

Challenges to Natural Birth

Fear about the pain or of losing control of your emotions and behavior is normal; if not addressed it can be a challenge.

If your birth knowledge comes from dramatic TV shows, it can be a challenge.

Some caregivers have practices and policies that may make natural birth harder to achieve.

Friends and family may share negative stories, which may impact your belief in yourself.

Being semi-committed and not planning for a natural birth can be a challenge.

Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare for it. But how do you prepare for what you don’t know and can’t predict?

Pregnancy is beautifully designed to give a new mother the time to prepare for the birth. I worked hard during my pregnancy to make my natural birth a success.




I Can and I Will helps you prepare for and address the challenges of natural birth.


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Keys to Overcome the Challenges

I Can and I Will is a natural childbirth guide that details five keys to natural birth, which will help you:

Turn your desire into determination to carry you through the hard work of labor and birth.

Learn about normal birth, which will reduce fears and allow you to have informed discussions with your caregiver.

Create a supportive birth team, including a caregiver, partner, and other labor support (doula).

Address your fears, nurture a belief in yourself, and create a positive atmosphere so that you can birth with confidence.

Learn about 10 natural childbirth classes.

Write a birth plan different from what you know, so that everyone is willing to support you.

Prepare your body to enable a smooth labor and birth.

Learn strategies for coping with pain during labor, including positions that might help you to not tear.

I detail what I call the Five Keys to natural birth: Determination, Information, Support, Belief, and Preparation Through information and inspiration, I Can and I Will helps you prepare for a natural birth in any location: home, birth center, or hospital.



If you are ready to take control of what you can to enable your natural birth, this is the book for you!


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Why This Book Is For You

You Are a First-Time Mom or New to Natural Birth

You have an interest in natural birth, but you also have questions and concerns. Bring your curiosity and your open mind; I will help you deepen your determination, answer the most common questions asked about natural birth, and open your eyes to how birth can actually be a wonderful experience. (Really, it can be.)

You Are Just Starting Your Research

I fill you up with what I know, give you a big virtual hug and pep talk, and point you in the right direction for learning even more.

You Are Busy

You can save hours, days, or even weeks that you would have spent searching the internet for all the advice in this book. I Can and I Will is a convenient grouping of the best advice and tips for natural birth.



Because I know you can do this. You just need to get on the right path. And soon you will know that you can do this, too!


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What's so special about this book?

I surveyed hundreds of natural birthing women; I Can and I Will is filled with inspiring natural childbirth experiences, birth stories, and practical advice from over 65 natural birthing women.

In I Can and I Will, I share my journey from having a “low pain tolerance” to having two natural births: one at a birth center, one at home, both with a midwife attending.

If I can do it, you can do it! This book will help you build confidence in yourself to have the birth you want!

My Inspiration For Writing The Book

My two natural births were such amazing experiences. I felt strong. I felt empowered. I felt joy. It was almost a surprise, even after all the planning. Really? Giving birth can feel that great?! They were such amazing experiences and I want that same experience for you. I feel like I’ve found a hidden treasure when it comes to the experience of natural childbirth. And instead of keeping this treasure hidden, I want to share it with you.

I believe there are some women who want a natural birth but aren’t aware of all the ways in which they need to prepare. And without preparation, you may not end up with the natural birth you want. I wrote this book so women who want a natural birth will know how to prepare for it. It’s a natural childbirth guide that empowers you to do what you can during pregnancy to set the stage for a natural birth.

My Wish For You

Labor is hard work. When it begins, you don’t know exactly how long it will take or how hard it will get. But if you’ve read this book and done the work necessary before labor starts, you will be so thoroughly prepared that when labor gets even harder, you won’t get nervous and quit because:

You know that what you are feeling is normal and that you can do it!

You will have supportive people around you, believing in you, helping you through the tough parts, instead of offering you an epidural.

Your determination will be so strong that it carries you through the challenges.

The work is hard; the rewards are greater.


Yes, you can do it! And yes, it’s worth it!

Join other women just like you who say this book is a great place to start planning a natural birth!

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