I'm Curious About Natural Birth

Although still small in numbers, natural childbirth is gaining attention from many mothers-to-be. Both my children were born naturally with midwives attending. They were such great experiences; I wish every birthing mom could feel as empowered as I did!

My Book: How to Have a Natural Childbirth

I just published a book and I hope it helps women who want to have a natural birth!

Even though it’s natural, there is some planning involved for a natural birth. But how do you prepare for what you don’t know and can’t predict?

In I Can and I Will, I detail what I believe are the five keys to having a natural birth:Determination, Information, Support, Belief, Prepare

Filled with inspiring natural childbirth experiences, birth stories, and practical advice from over 65 natural birthing women, I Can and I Will empowers you to do what you can during pregnancy to set the stage for a natural birth.

Click here for more information.

Demystifying Midwife-Supported Natural Childbirth

What is midwifery care like? Prepare to be surprised when you learn misconceptions and facts about midwives.

On your quest for answers, read about the safety of midwife-supported childbirth as well as the eight ways midwives promote safe childbirth.

Why Would Anyone Even Consider Natural Childbirth?

The reasons are many and varied. Maybe you can see yourself when you read about who chooses midwifery care.

How to Have a Natural Childbirth?

Whether you are preparing for a natural childbirth or are still curious, check out my tips for how to have a natural childbirth. Or my top two tips for having a natural childbirth.

Taking a natural childbirth class is so important. Read how Hypnobabies helped me birth naturally with confidence.

Even though I felt pain during labor and birth, I credit my Hypnobabies training for helping me to remain calm and accept the contractions. I think this is what helped my labor proceed fairly quickly for a first-time mom. I recommend the program to anyone who is considering a natural birth. To order or learn more, click here.

My Natural Childbirth Stories

When pregnant and planning a natural childbirth, I found it helpful to read as many natural childbirth stories as I could in order to see the many wonderful ways it can unfold.

I hope you will find inspiration from the birth story of my son (born in a free-standing birth center with a midwife attending) and the birth story of my daughter (born at home with a midwife attending).

Photos From My Home Birth

We hired a professional photographer for our home birth (best idea ever). To get an idea of what a natural home birth looks like, check out some of the photos she took.

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